Quality Assurance Program

X-Feds integrates Quality Assurance from inception and throughout every phase of our projects. The primary methods of assuring the quality of services are appropriate advance planning, assignment of sufficient qualified staff resources, provision of appropriate tools, and establishment of rigorous program and project management techniques. Further, our collaborative method of developing detailed work plans for specific tasks will help assure the quality of support provided on each project task we conduct in support of the Warfare Centers, throughout all seven zones. In short, quality is not an “accessory”— it is embedded into every phase of the project.

Methods for integrating quality assurance during the execution of tasks are also part of our comprehensive approach. For that purpose, we have assembled a Quality Assurance Team (QAT) made up of several of our most experienced professionals from throughout X-Feds. This approach ensures that all required functional and technical knowledge is represented for the task orders, while simultaneously holding down costs. Any X-Feds team member can “tap” the expertise of our QAT throughout the duration of the contract. The team also serves as a quality control check for key deliverables and ensures an integrated approach to the recommendations. X-Feds quality management approach is designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate problems that might compromise ability to perform on time, within budget, or according to the task order requirements. Our approach includes:

  • Developing a Quality Management Program Plan for the contract
  • Establishing and monitoring metrics for project objectives
  • Establishing quality management processes that include monitoring and assessing performance
  • Coordinating with the government stakeholders to establish quality objectives by deciding the scope and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies
  • Coordinating with other contractors regarding quality management
  • Conducting periodic and Quality Management Reviews

Quality Assurance promotes the delivery of reliable, complete, and accurate work products by minimizing the transmission of errors through Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement processes. The X-Feds approach to providing Quality Assurance establishes quality controls during the entire lifecycle of a task.